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Class Descriptions
Ready to "get your yoga on"? West Hartford Yoga offers over 70 weekly classes for all levels of experience. We are open seven days a week. Explore different class styles in order to discover what inspires, challenges and feels good to you! Classes are ongoing, and offered on a drop-in basis.

WHY Power Basics. WHY Power Basics is geared toward our newer student, and also a great option for the experienced yogi who wants more emphasis on alignment and modification of poses. You will learn the fundamentals of WHY Power, including abdominal work, upper body strengthening, standing sequences, breath and movement, and vinyasa. The 75 minute flow will leave you feeling more energetic in your practice, and will be paced according to students' abilities. This ongoing class is a good preparation for all hot and power classes offered at WHY.

WHY Power. A challenging dynamic flow. It's WHY's signature class! Prepare to sweat as you integrate movement and breath with classical and creatively-adapted sun salutations, twists, binds, backbends, and inversions. Classes will build endurance, flexibility, and strength. A strong foundation in yoga is recommended along with a knowledge of your own limitations. Our highly skilled instructors can provide you with any necessary modifications. Very warm room. Level I: Moderate, Level II: Vigorous

Hot Yoga. Not like any hot class you've ever had! Our sequencing is unique, challenging, and fun. Core strengthening, vinyasa, long holds, and deep stretches are all incorporated in a nicely heated room to build fire within the body and promote detoxification. Accessible to anyone willing to sweat and explore their edges. All levels

Hour of Power. A one-hour version of our signature WHY Power practice, a challenging dynamic flow.  Prepare to sweat as you integrate movement and breath with classical and creatively-adapted sun salutations, twists, binds, backbends, and inversions. Classes will build endurance, flexibility, and strength. A strong foundation in yoga is recommended along with a knowledge of your own limitations. Our highly skilled instructors can provide you with any necessary modifications.  All levels.

Gentle Yoga. Open to all levels, our Gentle Yoga class is designed to connect breath, alignment, and mindfulness with basic yoga postures. Based on the Kripalu tradition of cultivating inner peace, these classes focus on stretching and attention to breath during a relaxing flow. Especially good for anyone who wants a slower paced, less strenuous class. All levels.

WHY All Levels. A creative, eclectic blend of many yogic traditions and styles. Modifications of postures are made to accommodate everyone, allowing both beginning and advanced students the opportunity to enjoy a satisfying, accessible, and energetic experience. Perfect for those who want it all! All levels.

Yin Yoga. A perfect complement to WHY Power...essentially, the "yin" to your "yang". Power classes are dynamic practices that focus on lengthening and contracting muscles. Yin Yoga uses long, passive holds (3 - 5 minutes) to target and heal the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and joints. The holds are challenging, but the benefits are amazing - regulated energy, lower stress, improved health, deeper relaxation...need we say more? All levels.

Restorative Yoga. Take time to relax, refresh, and renew! If you're working with injury, illness, or just suffering from a busy mind, restorative yoga can help to soothe your thoughts, encourage inward focus, and allow your body to heal. Yoga props are used to assist you in this slower practice. A yummy treat essential for all levels! No experience necessary.

Kundalini. Kundalini Yoga (Yoga of Awareness) is an ancient practice which incorporates six major components—mantra, pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga movements (kriya), relaxation, meditation, and closing—to awaken your inner greatness and full potential. Experience each day with joy! All levels.

Sweat and Surrender. One well rounded hour of slow flow, heat building, sweaty vinyasa practice followed by 30 minutes of deeply opening yin and sweetly supported restorative yoga to send you into completely blissed out savasana.  All Levels.

Free Intro to Yoga. Feel better. Get stronger. Breathe deeper. Start now! Not sure where to start? We offer a free Introduction to Yoga class one Saturday each month from 1:00-2:00 pm. Our teachers will introduce you to basic yoga postures and techniques, and you will have an opportunity to visit our warm and spacious studios. Bring a friend (or two!) and chill out afterwards in our lounge. Free class dates available here. No experience required.

Prenatal Yoga. Specifically designed for expectant mothers, this class allows you to connect to your changing body and your inner wisdom as you prepare for childbirth. Yoga and meditation can help minimize and alleviate the physical discomforts of pregnancy, release stress and fatigue, and enhance circulation. This class is appropriate at any point during your pregnancy, but you should check with your physician if you have any complications or concerns. No experience necessary.

Yoga for Seniors. Yoga for Seniors is a gentle class incorporating range of movement exercises which will help foster greater mind body awareness. Improve your energy, strength, flexibility, and mobility through standing or seated yoga poses specially adapted for seniors (seniors and older adults) at any level of health and fitness. Modifications are always offered so that the needs of each student are met. Chairs and props are provided to keep everyone safe and supported—no need to bring a yoga mat. Relax, refresh, and energize.

Community Yoga. Experience the joy of yoga and the satisfaction of giving! At WHY, we encourage healthy, conscious living both on and off the yoga mat. Taught by a variety of amazing teachers who donate their time, all proceeds from this $6, all-levels class goes directly to our WHY Outreach, Inc. fund, which brings yoga and wellness to local underserved communities. Connect with your body, nurture your spirit and, most importantly, lead by example. Discover more about WHY Outreach, Inc. No experience necessary.

Meditation. Ready to change the world? Make it happen one breath at a time. In order to bring peace to ourselves and everyone around us, compassion is key. Meditation, the core of stress reduction, is an amazing tool for helping kindness become our natural expression. In this free one-hour class, we will concentrate on the foundations of meditation—focused breathing, relaxed awareness, and an open heart. A special thanks to our talented teachers for donating their time for this class. No experience necessary.

Private Yoga Instruction. Begin a yoga practice, deepen your current practice, recover from an injury, learn to breathe, or just spoil yourself! These are all reasons to consider private instruction at WHY. You can experiment with new or challenging yoga postures or discover stillness on your mat. Whatever your goal, we can arrange private sessions at the studio or in your home, and will match you up with the instructor who best meets your needs. Call 860.953.9642 to set up a session.