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What is yoga, really?
Why should I do yoga?
I have no idea where to start! Which class is for me?
OK, I'm ready to start. What should I expect?
What should I wear?
What should I bring to class?
What if I'm late? Or have to leave early?
Is it OK to eat before class?
I like to work hard. Isn't yoga just stretching?
Am I too old?
I don't know how to meditate. Is that important?
I'm injured. Is yoga out of the question?
What if I'm not flexible?
OMG...what if I have the sudden urge to laugh or cry in class?
How often should I practice?
Why are some of the classes so hot?
I'm not always serious in class. Is that a problem?
Where should I park? What if the parking lot is full?
Can I practice if I'm pregnant?
What is your workshop/series cancellation policy?