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WHY Outreach
West Hartford Yoga has established a non-profit corporation (WHY Outreach, Inc.) to bring the physical, spiritual, and therapeutic benefits of yoga to underserved communities and special populations. These populations include:
- veterans
- the elderly
- troubled youths
- incarcerated persons
- individuals living with cancer, eating disorders, addictions, HIV/AIDS, depression, emotional illnesses, or chronic diseases
- those who have limited access to yoga due to financial or physical restraints 

The idea for WHY Outreach was born from the success of several of WHY's community outreach programs. In light of the success of these programs and continued need in the community, WHY began the process of developing a separate, non-profit corporation focusing exclusively on community outreach bringing the benefits of yoga to those in need. Our goal is to increase the number of qualified yoga instructors in the community who work within the community despite geographic, financial, social or other barriers. WHY Outreach provides:

Low Cost and Free Community Classes. We match qualified yoga instructors with community venues to bring the benefits of yoga to those in need. 

Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships. We provide yoga teacher training scholarships to qualified individuals who demonstrate financial need along with a commitment to teaching yoga to underserved populations.